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Private Chef Service

Enjoy freshly cooked food right in the comfort of the home.

  • 24 horas
  • Contact for Pricing
  • Villa Las Uvas (onsite)

Descripción del servicio

$200 per person, for 2 meals a day, for 6 days (the money is to be handed to our groundskeeper in United States Dollars) Meals can be breakfast/lunch, breakfast/dinner, lunch/dinner (your choice). We kindly ask that you choose from the meal menu below, but we can accommodate special requests if desired. Note that any alterations to the menu below can have price variations (the set price is for the menu below). *Our Chef does not work on Sundays* *All breakfast comes with assorted fruits, juice, bread, butter, jam, and coffee. *Lunch/dinner meals come with soup or salad, side dishes, and dessert. *Breakfast Substitutions/Options (no extra charge): fried eggs with bacon, chicken empanadas, scrambled eggs with ham, ranchero eggs. *Lunch/Dinner Substitutions/Options (no extra charge): fish in garlic sauce, Veracruz-style fish, chicken tacos, chicken quesadillas, carne asada (steak), hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, pasta, beef tacos, flautas, crispy tacos, nachos. MENU (choose two per day for your party): Breakfast 1: pancakes and bacon Breakfast 2: eggs (any style) Breakfast 3: French toast Breakfast 4: Scrambled eggs with chorizo Breakfast 5: Ham and cheese omelette Breakfast 6: Divorced eggs Lunch/Dinner 1: Fish tikinchick Lunch/Dinner2: Chicken pibil Lunch/Dinner 3: Mexican plate (arrachera or pork chops, chicken tostada, mole enchiladas, guacamole) Lunch/Dinner 4: Stuffed chilis with shrimp and cheese Lunch/Dinner 5: Chicken enchiladas Lunch/Dinner 6: Fajitas (beef or chicken)

Detalles del contacto

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